We know that oxygen shapes wine in many ways, but winemakers have never had true control of oxygen ingress after bottling – until now. VinPerfect SmartCaps™ provide a quality advantage over all other closures by offering three distinct, incredibly consistent levels of oxygen ingress.

What are SmartCaps™?


VinPerfect SmartCaps™ couple existing 30 x 60 mm ROPP closure technology with the patent-pending VinPerfect liner to create the SmartCap™. This screwcap is the first wine closure to deliver precise oxygen control into the bottle after bottling has occurred. Discover the many decoration options available with VinPerfect SmartCaps™, and choose the best closure for your wine.

What makes the VinPerfect SmartCap™ the best choice for any wine?


VinPerfect provides three oxygen-ingress options within a narrow range that we believe optimizes wine quality. By adding oxygen control to existing screwcap technology, a SmartCap™ makes the closure a powerful wine-making tool. Find out which liner is right for your wine here.



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