VinPerfect has spent over $1 million in research and development to create and commercialize the patent-pending SmartCap™. VinPerfect's efforts focused on developing a complete packaging solution for wine bottled under aluminum screwcaps. To achieve this goal, VinPerfect first needed to determine the optimal levels of oxygen ingress for proper wine development in a post-bottling environment. It was then necessary to create a liner that delivered these levels of oxygen transmission in a consistent and predictable manner.



Establishing an Optimal Oxygen Transmission Rate ("OTR")


We believe that if a closure can manage the oxygen transmission rate, then the winemaker can better control when the wine's quality peaks in the bottle. With this in mind, it was necessary to balance two competing oxygen-driven dynamics.


Save the Environment One Bottle at a Time - VinPerfect is the Green Choice


Find out why VinPerfect screwcaps are an environmentally responsible choice for your wine closure here.

On the one hand, winemakers desire some post-bottling oxygen to avoid reduction. On the other hand, too much oxygen can cause the wine to become aldehydic (smelling oxidized). Our efforts were focused on providing oxygen levels which allow the winemaker to optimize each wine. The SmartCap™ helps the winemaker present a wine in its most open and expressive state.


Once we determined the optimal range of oxygen transmission rates for use in wine packaging, we then combined established science, proprietary research, and our winemaking experience with some common sense to develop parameters for our three SmartCap™ liners.


VinPerfect offers three different SmartCap™ oxygen ingress levels:


•   Light – 0.11 ppm O2 per year*

•   Medium – 0.21 ppm O2 per year*

•   Medium Plus – 0.49 ppm O2 per year*


Find out more about selecting the right SmartCap™ for your next bottling here.

*Units in parts per million (ppm) of Oxygen (O2) in a 750 ml bottle.

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