Screwcaps are the responsible choice in wine closures, both for the customer and the environment.


•   Because VinPerfect does not use any chlorinated plastics in our liners, the SmartCap can be fully recycled without hazardous emissions. We use food-grade polyester (PET) and are exploring the possibility of replacing it with Poly(lactic acid) or PLA, which is derived from renewable resources like corn, tapioca, and sugarcane.

•   Aluminum is 100% recyclable, and programs that recycle aluminum are active globally. There are currently no recycling programs for cork or synthetic cork.

•   Screwcaps eliminate the need for capsules (foils) that cover the cork. This avoids the environmental impact associated with producing tin, polylaminate, or PVC capsules.

•   VinPerfect liners do not contain tin or other heavy metals.

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