The VinPerfect range of liners offers winemakers a level of control over post-bottling oxygen ingress that has never before been available. Among the VinPerfect Light, Medium, and Medium Plus liners, there is an option to fit any winemaking style.

VinPerfect Light (0.11 ppm O2 per year*)

Designed for wines intended to be more approachable while still young. The VinPerfect Light liner provides similar oxygen-ingress with much more consistency than the current Saranex liner available in other screwcaps. Because of this difference, you should feel comfortable reducing free SO2 amounts at bottling, and know that your wine will still have an extended shelf life.

VinPerfect Medium (0.21 ppm O2 per year*)

The VinPerfect Medium liner is our suggested baseline for new customers. This liner provides more oxygen than the Saranex liner, but less than the "average" bark cork. Wine that is sealed under a Medium liner provides significant evolution in the bottle and offers insurance against reduction. The VinPerfect Medium liner allows for a wine to have a shelf life of 30 years or more, if it is bottled at 30 ppm SO2 and oxygen pickup is controlled at bottling.

VinPerfect Medium Plus (0.49 ppm O2 per year*)

Intended primarily for red wines that require more oxygen, the Medium Plus liner delivers in-bottle oxygen development that you can easily taste - even within 3 months of bottling.  The oxygen rate of the Medium Plus is closer to that 'average' bark cork level and is intended for use with red wines, and depending on wine style, may be a good option for barrel-aged white wines.

*Units in parts per million (ppm) of Oxygen (O2) in a 750 ml bottle.

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